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craft gold
COLOURIST — Simone Grattarola
arrows bronze
craft bronze
SOUND DESIGN — Anthony Moore

Advertising Agency


Production Company

Serial Pictures x Somesuch


Kim Gehrig


Agency                                              VCCP
Executive Creative Director               Darren Bailes
Agency Producer                                Ed Mueller    

Production Company                         Somesuch
Director                                              Kim Gehrig
Producer                                            Tom Gardner
Cinematographer                               Daniel Landin
Production Designer                          Marie Lanna        

Editing Company                                Trim Editing
Editor                                                 Thomas Grove Carter
VFX/Post Company                            Time Based Arts  
Colourist                                            Simone Grattarola

Sound Company                                 Factory
Sound Designer                                  Anthony Moore
Music Supervisor                               Luke Fabia, Soundtree Music
Music Supervisor                               Neil Athale                       Agency VCCP
Executive Creative Director Darren Bailes
Agency Producer Ed Mueller

Production Company Somesuch
Director Kim Gehrig
Producer Tom Gardner
Cinematographer Daniel Landin
Production Designer Marie Lanna

Editing Company Trim Editing
Editor Thomas Grove Carter
VFX/Post Company Time Based Arts
Colourist Simone Grattarola

Sound Company Factory
Sound Designer Anthony Moore
Music Supervisor Luke Fabia, Soundtree Music
Music Supervisor Neil Athale

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