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Work Aired:

Awards Eligible For

Entry open

Awards Presented

1st Jan 2019 – 31st Dec 2019

2020 Arrows & Craft

Entry closed – shortlist available

23rd March 2021

2020 – produced between 23rd March 2020 – 4th July 2020

Made in Lockdown Award

Entry closed – shortlist available Dec 2020

23rd March 2021

1st Jan 2020 – 31st Dec 2020

2021/2022 Arrows & Craft

Mid 2021

March 2022

1st Jan 2021 – 31st Dec 2021

2021/2022 Arrows & Craft

Mid 2021

March 2022

  • Have you already awarded the 2020 Arrows and Craft categories?

No, we postponed the 2020 show until 23rd March 2021, when we will (hopefully!) be able to have a big celebration and find out the much-anticipated winners from 2020.

  • When is the Made in Lockdown award going to be presented?

The Made in Lockdown Award will also be presented at the postponed 2020 show, taking place on 23rd March 2021.

  • I missed the deadline to enter my work into the Made in Lockdown category, will I still be able to enter it in for the 2021/2022 show?

Yes, all work created during 2020 can be entered in to the main Arrows and Craft categories for 2021/2022 show as long as it fits the eligibility criteria for the main show.

  • Is the postponed 2020 show going ahead on 23rd March 2021?

At the moment, we are still planning on having the show on 23rd March 2021 (where we will award the winners from 2020 as well as the Made in Lockdown Award). With news of a vaccine, we are optimistic that even if this exact date isn’t possible, we can hold the show within a few weeks of this. For now, though, the 23rd March 2021 is still the date we are scheduled for.

  • Will you also award the work made in 2020 that would usually have been presented in 2021 at the show on 23rd March?

Apart from the Made in Lockdown category, all work created throughout 2020 eligible for the main Arrows or Craft categories will be awarded in March 2022, as we will merge the 2021 and 2022 shows together into one.

  • Will you have a second show in 2021 to award the work created in 2020?

No, we have merged the 2021 and 2022 shows together. This means any work created between 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2021 will be awarded in March 2022.

  • When is entry opening for 2020 work?

We will open entry again after the postponed 2020 show takes place. You will be able to enter any work created from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2021, and this work will all be awarded in March 2022.