The British Arrows Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Statement

At the British Arrows, we recognise that diversity and inclusion are real issues in our industry, and we are committed to shifting awareness and creating meaningful impact in the organisations we have partnered with and support.

The British Arrows is one of the oldest awards organisations in the UK today. It has prided itself on supporting and encouraging diversity, most recently through the BAD initiative which will now evolve into Young Arrows.

The British Arrows commits:

  1. To do everything within our power to ensure that the British Arrows maintains a diverse balance within its workforce, the awards judging process and ultimately the awards show itself.
  2. Engage with likeminded organisations to help young diverse talent enter and succeed in the advertising industry.
  3. Launch a fully-fledged Young Arrows in 2022 to support emerging and diverse talent in the industry.

Currently we are engaged in a number of activities and with partner organisations to support our objective of creating real change:

  • Founding member of the APA Good Karma Collective.
  • Partnered with Create Jobs: in the short term this has been supporting their “Future Creative Content Now” course; in the long term our aim is to fund a British Arrows (& APA) accredited course paid for with the profits of Young Arrows activities.
  • Partnered with Create Not Hate during lockdown to give under-represented young talent the opportunity to create content for the British Arrows show. This evolved to a live performance at the 21|22 Awards.
  • Offer paid work experience at British Arrows events to young people looking for the opportunity to network with our industry.
  • Ongoing relationship with Accumulate supporting emerging creative talents who have experienced homelessness.
  • Exploring opportunities to promote female talent to increase representation in the awards.

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