If you would like to get in contact, you can send us an email on awards@britisharrows.com or give us a call on 0207 734 6962.

Alternatively, our mailing address is: 16 West Central Street. London, WC1A 1JJ.

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Our Team

Headshot of Lisa Lavender

Lisa Lavender

Managing Director

Contact Lisa for general information on the British Arrows

E: lisa@britisharrows.com

M: 07768 858 023

Headshot of Sophie Cantopher

Sophie Cantopher

Head of Partnerships

Contact Sophie to find out about opportunities to be involved with the British Arrows

E: sophie@britisharrows.com

M: 07840 230879

Headshot of Sergio Colina Restrepo

Sergio Colina Restrepo

Operations Manager

Contact Sergio for show enquiries and general information on the British Arrows

E: sergio@britisharrows.com

M: 07883 012 212

Headshot of Millie Sharer

Millie Sharer

Awards Assistant

Contact Millie for general information on the British Arrows

E: millie@britisharrows.com

M: 07771 745904

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