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27 September 2022

Work Editorial opened its doors and fired up its editing suites in London back in the noughties. In 2006, executive producer, Jane Dilworth, and three of London’s most awarded film editors, Bill Smedley, Neil Smith and Rich Orrick, set up Work Editorial with three ambitions to fulfil – to place craft and creativity at the heart of everything they did; to create lasting relationships based on collaboration and trust; and to give back, by discovering and supporting singular editing talent along the way.

Now with offices and editing suites in New York and Los Angeles as well as London, Work Editorial is a truly global player when it comes to great work, and also a funnel for drawing in new editing talents to the industry, via its New Wave initiative.

“New Wave was a collaborate effort by the partners of the company to give a springboard for budding editors to showcase their emerging talent in a more visible way,” says executive producer Ellie McNaughtan, for whom attracting and nurturing new talent is a matter almost as crucial as delivering a final cut. “The dynamism of the company alongside our exciting ongoing projects attracts interest from people searching for a role within the creative industry,” she says. “We've created a space where everyone can feel at home and express themselves within the framework of a progressive and guiding community.”

Highlighting a couple of pieces of new work from new talent, McNaughtan picks out Daniel Mitchell’s Espolon Tequila spot with director Fausto Becatti, a new addition to SweetShop’s roster. “


Daniel Mitchell, Editor at WORK

And Jonnie Malachi, newly signed to Kode Media, and Matthew Prickett continue to entertain us with their latest spot for Simply Business.”

Matthew Video

Matthew Prickett, Editor at WORK

The importance of nurturing new talent into the creative industry is the key reason Work Editorial stood up to become a sponsor of the inaugural Young Arrows of 2022. “Signing new talent is important, exciting and is integral to the growth and creative health of everyone,” she says. “The arrival of new talent refreshes the team with new perspectives. Work has always pushed and developed up-and-coming talent so sponsoring the Young Arrows seemed a perfect way to help champion the industry’s next generation.”

When it comes to the latest trends and approaches new talents are bringing with them into the editing suite, for McNaughtan, “the arrival of new talent within our company always bring a fresh perspective due to different cultural backgrounds, new and alternative tastes and approaches to technology”

And with new arrivals of fresh talent, come new trends reflecting technological and cultural changes, but editors tend to bring a highly individual style and approach with them. “Editor styles are extremely personal, their style is generally contingent on their environment, life experiences and their cultural life,” says McNaughtan. “These qualities are inherent in the editors work which is why certain director’s choose to work with them. A good editor employs their personality and craft to interpret the director’s vision whilst simultaneously satisfying the demands of the agency and client.”

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