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with Balazs Simon

29 August 2023

After the triumph that was the first ever Young Arrows we are super hyped for this second year. So why should YOU enter? There are a multitude of reasons why young talent in the world of advertising should take the plunge and submit their work and we can talk about the benefits of recognising young talent until the cows come home, but who better to tell you why than our inaugural winners. Next up is Balazs Simon, our 2022 Animation: 2D, Stop Motion & CGI winner.

BP1 0234

Balazs won the Animation: 2D, Stop Motion & CGI category for the film Extreme By Nature for BBC Sport through BBC Creative.

Why did you / your company enter you in the Young Arrows?

I think they felt the project pushed boundaries!

What did you think about being entered?

I didn't expect to be entered in the first place so it came as a nice surprise!

How did it feel to win? Did you expect to win?!

Obviously it’s a very good feeling to be recognised, but I never have expectations. It’s just exciting to be considered for an award alongside so many other talented people.

Has winning had any impact on your career/career decisions?

I think it gave me confidence in knowing that the market was more or less interested in what I do. So I started to be a bit more picky with the projects I took on to make sure they align with my ideals. And doing that I found ways to push myself like never before.

What do you think the benefits are of giving young talent opportunities in this way?

Is it too cynical to say that having good skills is just a part of the story? You could be the very best at your craft, it would still mean nothing if you can’t communicate your ideas to prospective workmates/clients. Getting the work in front of others is a necessary step and it implies (or at least favours) a certain level of connectedness and a type of character.

But our differences are what make each project unique! The main benefit of such an opportunity is that it gets the work in front of a lot of eyes, and lets it speak for itself, thus equalising the playing field a bit.

What are your career goals?

I want to prioritise the usefulness and lasting value of my work. To inspire positive change in the world. I want to work towards a healthier creative industry that strives to give a voice to all kinds of people.

What would you say to someone thinking of entering this year?

I’d say go for it! There’s nothing to lose of course, but do not ever expect anything out of it either. It’s great to be recognised, but your loyalty should lie with your journey and your work, not awards. Whatever the outcome is, never lose sight of what pushed you to start your career in the first place.

What is your current role and job title? Has this changed since you won the Young Arrows?

I am a director. That was the case before the Young Arrows, it is the case now, and will continue to be the case till I die.

The Young Arrows 23 is open for entry until Wednesday 6 September - Download the Entry Pack here

Winners will be announced on Wednesday 1 November at BFI Southbank - Tickets are on sale here

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