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with Ciara Boyle and Chloe Neal

15 August 2023

After the triumph that was the first ever Young Arrows we are super hyped for this second year. So why should YOU enter? There are a multitude of reasons why young talent in the world of advertising should take the plunge and submit their work and we can talk about the benefits of recognising young talent until the cows come home, but who better to tell you why than our inaugural winners. Next up is Ciara Boyle and Chloe Neal, our 2022 Creative Team winners.

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Ciara and Chloe won the Creative Team category for the film Together This Ramadan for Tesco through BBH London.

Why did you / your company enter you in the Young Arrows?

Our wonderful ECD at BBH, Helen Rhodes, put us forward for Best Creative team in 2022 which was hugely flattering and something we were really proud of. The awards are a fantastic space for new emerging talent to be recognised - to be included in that is a real privilege.

What did think about being entered?

We didn’t know we’d been entered until we made the shortlist, so it was a very exciting surprise!

How did it feel to win? Did you expect to win?!

We were over the moon to win, and especially for a piece as special as ‘Together this Ramadan’ for Tesco. We gave our all to the project, ensuring the Muslim community across the UK was accurately represented and felt seen in the work, while crafting it to the highest level.

Has winning had any impact on your career / career decisions?

Winning gave us a great confidence boost, knowing that people we look up to in the industry connected with our work and celebrated our creative vision. It was a reminder to trust your gut when it comes to creative decisions and to give each project your all.

What do you think the benefits are of giving young talent opportunities in this way?

It’s not every day you get such a large platform showcasing work from young talent. It’s so important to take a step back and see how far you’ve come since those early book crit days. This is also a fab opportunity to see what your peers are up to, and cross paths with people you might never have had the chance to meet!

What are your career goals?

We’re obsessed with bringing ideas to life and exploring the different disciplines that come with advertising. Right now, it’s all about honing our craft and hopefully passing on the lessons we’re learning to future talent looking to get their foot in the door.

What would you say to someone thinking of entering this year?

Do it! It’s so important to be your own advocate and grab these opportunities with both hands when they come along. (Plus, who doesn’t love a party?)

The Young Arrows 23 is open for entry until Wednesday 6 September - Download the Entry Pack here

Winners will be announced on Wednesday 1 November at BFI Southbank - Tickets are on sale here

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