5 Minutes With

Ethan Day, Audio Producer, Factory

27 January 2023

How did you get involved in the Young Arrows?

So I produced the audio for a Podcast with the British Arrows called “To the Point” which where I first met Lisa, and from there I was asked by my Head of Production if I’d be up for working with them again on the awards film and jumped at the opportunity.

What did you do and how do you feel in went?

I was the Audio Producer across the sound design created by Michael Haines. I think everyone did a wicked job – Jack Field made something so fun for us to work to for the music and sound and having SIREN just up the stairs made it super helpful to keep the ball rolling.

Ethan Day, Audio Producer, Factory

What impact to you think this will have on your career?

I think it should have a good impact (hopefully!) Working with talented people will always force you to up your game and keep you on your toes. Looking forward to trying to keep up with them again.

What do you think the benefits are of giving young talent opportunities in this way?

It’s such a great idea to give people in junior positions a chance to work on creative briefs like this one – it really gives them a chance to show off to their peers and the clients that will one day be bringing them new jobs!

What are your career goals?

My career goals are to continue working in the industry I love, learn everything I can about all the different parts of it, hopefully make everyone’s jobs a little easier and to work with people I care about.

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