Jury Chair

Headshot of Rick Russell

Rick Russell

Founding Editor, Final Cut

Headshot of Adam Smyth

Adam Smyth

Creative Director and Sound Designer, String and Tins

Headshot of Alistair Thompson

Alistair Thompson

Head of Innovation Lab, Epic Games

Headshot of Amber Frisenda

Amber Frisenda

Art Director, Selected Works

Headshot of Andrew Levene

Andrew Levene

Managing Director, Stink Films

Headshot of Andy Clough

Andy Clough

Joint Executive Creative Director, neverland creative

Headshot of Anna Arnell

Anna Arnell

Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy

Headshot of Buki Ebiesuwa

Buki Ebiesuwa


Headshot of Carine Harris

Carine Harris

Director of Content Production, Coca Cola

Headshot of Christopher Keatinge

Christopher Keatinge

Executive Creative Director, Uncommon

Headshot of Colin Hickson

Colin Hickson

Executive Producer

Headshot of Corin Taylor

Corin Taylor

Executive Producer, Blink

Headshot of Dan Beckwith

Dan Beckwith

Creative Director, Factory

Headshot of Diarmid Harrison-Murray

Diarmid Harrison-Murray

Creative Director, Untold Studios

Headshot of Dickie Jeffares

Dickie Jeffares

Executive Producer, MJZ

Headshot of Dorianne Fibleuil

Dorianne Fibleuil

CG Lead, Electric Theatre Collective

Headshot of Ellie Johnson

Ellie Johnson

Editor and Partner, tenthree

Headshot of Emily Pritchard

Emily Pritchard

Managing Director, Twenty Below Music

Headshot of Eve Ashwell

Eve Ashwell

Editor and Partner, The Assembly Rooms

Headshot of Hannibal Lang

Hannibal Lang

Senior Colourist, Bacon X

Headshot of Hasani Franke

Hasani Franke

Editor, Work Editorial

Headshot of Jake Ashwell

Jake Ashwell

Senior Sound Engineer

Headshot of Jason Watts

Jason Watts

Founder and Creative Director, Freefolk

Headshot of Jay James

Jay James

Managing Director, Soundtree Music

Headshot of Jean-Clément Soret

Jean-Clément Soret

Colourist, Company 3

Headshot of Jess Ringhshall

Jess Ringhshall

Chief Production Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi

Headshot of Jo Moore

Jo Moore

Executive Creative Director, House 337

Headshot of Jordi Bares

Jordi Bares

3D VFX Creative Director, Rohtau

Headshot of Kamen Markov

Kamen Markov

Creative Director and VFX Supervisor, Framestore

Headshot of Katie McGoldrick

Katie McGoldrick

Stylist & Costume Designer

Headshot of Katie Reid

Katie Reid

Production Director, Trailer Farm & Big Farmer

Headshot of Louise Hinton

Louise Hinton

Hair & Make Up Artist

Headshot of Ludo Fealy

Ludo Fealy

VFX Supervisor, 1920

Headshot of Mary-Ann D'cruz

Mary-Ann D'cruz

New Business and Marketing Director, No.8

Headshot of Nadja Lossgott

Nadja Lossgott

Chief Creative Officer, AMV BBDO

Headshot of Neil Simpson

Neil Simpson

Founding Partner, The Corner

Headshot of Nell Jordan

Nell Jordan

Executive Producer, O Positive

Headshot of Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon

Director, Somesuch

Headshot of Noel Bunting

Noel Bunting

Chief Creative Officer, Publicis•Poke

Headshot of Parv Thind

Parv Thind

Managing Director and Sound Designer, Wave Studios

Headshot of Precious Mahaga

Precious Mahaga

Global Head of Music Video, Riff Raff Films

Headshot of Raja Sehgal

Raja Sehgal

Sound Designer and Partner, GCRS

Headshot of Rebekah King-Britton

Rebekah King-Britton

Head of CG, Absolute

Headshot of Richard Packer

Richard Packer

Managing Partner, Outsider

Headshot of Robin Brown

Robin Brown

Production Designer

Headshot of Savannah Leaf

Savannah Leaf

Director, Academy

Headshot of Simon Chaudoir

Simon Chaudoir


Headshot of Spencer Dodd

Spencer Dodd

Managing Director, Merman

Headshot of Sue Odell

Sue Odell

Casting Director, Sue Odell Casting

Headshot of Tim Katz

Tim Katz

Managing Director, Knucklehead

Headshot of Toby Tomkins

Toby Tomkins

Founder & Director, CHEAT

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