Headshot of Lisette Nice

Lisette Nice

Craft Jury Chair

Founder, Factory

Headshot of Alan Smith

Alan Smith

Director, Nexus Studios

Headshot of Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll

Partner & Composer, The Elements Music

Headshot of Anne Perri

Anne Perri

Editor, Work Editorial

Headshot of Annie Ayers

Annie Ayers

Head of Music and Social, Untold Studios

Headshot of Ben Middleton

Ben Middleton

Chief Creative Officer, Creature

Headshot of Ben Mooge

Ben Mooge

Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Groupe UK

Headshot of Clarissa Pabi

Clarissa Pabi

Senior Content Development Manager, Acast

Headshot of Dom Thomas

Dom Thomas

Founding Partner, Object & Animal

Headshot of Jack Bayley

Jack Bayley

Deputy Head of Integrated Production

Headshot of James Bamford

James Bamford

Head of Colour

Headshot of James Cross

James Cross

Creative Director, BBBC Creative

Headshot of Jason Wallis

Jason Wallis

Colourist, ETC

Headshot of Luis Almau

Luis Almau

Head of Music Production, Soundtree Music

Headshot of Raluca Anastasiu

Raluca Anastasiu

Integrated Producer, New Commercial Arts

Headshot of Siân Rogers

Siân Rogers

Creative Director & Head of Supervision, SIREN

Headshot of Tom Pugh

Tom Pugh

Sound Designer, GCRS

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