Timothy McCourt

Director / Animator, The Line

Often within the creative arts craftsmen are marginalised, under-appreciated and sometimes underpaid for the energy and long hours they pour into the projects we all know and love. It's for this reason that, for at least one night, we should all spend a lot of money on a posh dinner, get smashed on company credit cards and pat each other on the back. Because if we don't do it, no one else will.

Tim McCourt is a Director &  Animator based in London, and a member of the The Line, an animation studio based in London. Tim has a background in music videos, advertising and short films. He's had a number of successful viral projects and has three Vimeo staff picks to date. Tim also moderates the animation website The Pegbar and Grill and co-hosts the animation podcast 'Happy Hour at The Pegbar and Grill' along with fellow member of The Line, Sam Taylor.