Leanne Flinn

Casting Director, Leanne Flinn Casting

Honoured to be involved in celebrating creative talent through British Arrows CRAFT. All crafts should be recognised for the amazing work they put in to make spectacular ads!

Leanne Flinn is a freelance Casting Director providing a bespoke service for commercials, music videos, film and TV. She specialises in street casting, starting her career with Director Daniel Wolfe and the award winning music videos for Plan B.

As a trained actor, attending Italia Conti on the musical theatre course, Leanne has developed a creative approach to casting and has a very good eye for spotting talent and interesting faces, and the ability to communicate ideas and get people on board!

Leanne mixes traditional casting with street casting and gets great results. From the early stages of meeting with the director to street casting and taking a session, she can provide the whole casting service. Traditional casting methods include finding up and coming actors and established actors through drama schools and agents etc. Street casting can be literally finding people from the street or via social media, youth clubs and so on. Leanne has even found street-cast actors who can carry lead roles in feature films and TV series as well as many commercials and music videos.