James Allen

VFX Supervisor / Founder, Time Based Arts

Craft takes time, and time is something in short supply in this industry. 
That’s what sets the craftsperson apart from the rest. Those willing to stay behind, despite everything else, to add that little bit extra to the result (before turning off the lights and locking up the studio).
It’s great that the British Arrows CRAFT are here to praise those folk who quietly make the difference.

James is co-founder of independent VFX studio Time Based Arts. 
He met co-founder Mike Skrgatic at art school in Dundee in the late 90’s. 
They dreamed of making nice pictures and getting paid for it and heard that this sort of thing happened in London.
After working in numerous post houses in Soho as Flame artists, James and Mike set up Time Based Arts in 2008.
Time Based Arts has since grown to be recognised as one of the top creative post houses in London.
James' work as a VFX supervisor for the likes of Smith&Foulkes and Sebastian Strasser has won him numerous awards including a Clio Gold.