Vicki Maguire

Deputy Executive Creative Director, Grey London

Craft isn't nice to have if time and budget permit. It's fucking fundamental to our ideas, our industry and our future

A promising career in fashion design was cut short when Vicki discovered she couldn't draw. Encouraged by her mentor, Paul Smith, to write her ideas down instead, Vicki soon found her way into the world of advertising.

Vicki has spent the past 15 years developing campaigns, thoughts and ideas for agencies such as Ogilvy and Wieden + Kennedy, before joining Grey London working on briefs as diverse as full fat butter and the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Vicki has collected more than 35 major awards for her BHF 'Hands only CPR' campaign, starring Vinnie Jones, which has now saved 39 lives (and counting), whilst The Angina Monologues, also for the BHF, earned her a coveted British Comedy Award.

The IPA voted Vicki advertising's Woman of Tomorrow and she's also been named one of D&AD's 20 most influential women in advertising.

Vicki also owns and runs the vintage East End sweet shop Suck and Chew. For iconic work or Kola Kubes, she's the go-to girl.