Serena Noorani

VFX Producer, Electric Theatre Collective

It goes without saying that the British Arrows Craft awards is all about the detail. Elevating an idea and the entire experience of the execution. It can make all the difference between something that passes us by or something that stops us in our tracks and makes us think ‘how did they do that, how did they make that?' As an Industry it inspires and pushes us to do better, to try something completely new, or to do old things in a new way. It raises the standard for everyone.

Serena fell for post-production whilst working as a temp at The Mill, after graduating in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University.

From 2006 Serena worked her way from scheduling into production and in 2010 embarked on her freelance career, keen to explore the production process and focus on her photography. She produced content for White Lodge and Colonel Blimp, and then joined Studio Murmur Collective, an indie music video production company working alongside director Ian Pons Jewell.

Serena had her eye on Electric Theatre Collective (ETC) for a while, so when former colleague Lee Pavey invited her to join ETC in 2014 she jumped on board without hesitation. She has spent the last year working on the largest CG project ETC has undertaken to date: a monster animation job directed in house by The Line and co-directed by Sam Brown at Rogue. She is thrilled to be collaborating with The Line and intends to remain at ETC London whilst the new studio opens in LA.