Justine Wright

Editor, Freelance

A successful commercial, like any act of film making, is a collaborative effort. Traditional award ceremonies respect this by tending to reward the whole process and the whole commercial.

Rather than rewarding the whole, British Arrows Craft single out contributions towards a successful commercial or campaign in areas that sometimes get overlooked. A brilliant sound mix, a clever edit, stunning camerawork...an individual craftsperson can be integral to the execution of the idea and what we see on the screen. The British Arrows Craft recognises that contribution and that person for their talents and hard work, and I think that is a wonderful, generous thing

Justine Wright was trained in a commercials editing house and first cut ads, music videos and short films, before branching out into editing documentary features and then narrative features.

She has worked with director Kevin Macdonald on a number of features, including Academy Award-winning documentary feature 'One Day in September', BAFTA winning 'Touching the Void'and 'The Last King of Scotland', 'State of Play', 'The Eagle' and 'Black Sea'. Other films cut by Justine include 'Locke' directed by Steven Knight and starring Tom Hardy; 'The Iron Lady' directed by Phyllida Lloyd and starring Meryl Streep; Daniel Gordon’s 'The Game of Their Lives', which was named Best Sports Documentary at the British Television Awards; Patrick Harkins’ 'The Final Curtain', starring Peter O’Toole and Saul Metzstein’s 'Late Night Shopping', which won a BAFTA (Scotland) Best Feature Film award.

Justine has also contributed to Playhouse Presents for Sky Arts cutting three short films: Jeremy’s Brock’s 'Walking the Dogs' starring Emma Thompson, and Idris Elba, 'The Pavement Psychologist' and 'King For A Term'. Justine also works regularly as an editing consultant for documentaries and drama.