Jonathan Westley

Creative Director & Head of 2D, The Mill

The British Arrows Craft play a vital role in recognising and celebrating the work of the truly talented creatives who work in this industry and it’s great to be involved in judging the very best of what is out there.

Wes is a creative director and the Head of 2D in The Mill’s London studio. He joined The Mill in 2004, working in the New York studio before moving to London where he is an instrumental part of the creative team.

He has been involved in a number of high profile and award winning campaigns, most recently working on Yorkshire Tea ‘Brewtopia’, Lloyds ‘Horse Story’ and Guinness ‘#MadeOfBlack’.

Previous creative highlights include Barclaycard ‘Waterslide’, BMW ‘Eclipse’, Nike ‘Take control’, and Ford S-Max ‘Door Handle’.

Wes has also collaborated with some of the industry’s most respected directors such as Sam Brown, Peter Thwaites, Ringan Ledwidge and Scott Lyon.

After studying Politics and Economics at Manchester University and completing a Masters in Political Theory, Wes then joined VTR as a runner in 1994 before starting his career as a flame artist in 1996, working on a number of award winning pop promos with Hammer & Tongs, W.I.Z., and Dom & Nic.