Andy Fowler

ECD, Brothers & Sisters

This industry is built on creative people toiling away in dark rooms day in, day out, getting better and better at what they do, working their magic. The directors spilling out their treatments, the sound engineers pressing their magic buttons, the visual FX wizards painting their digital frescos. Craft needs celebrating because without it our ideas will never see the light of day. Craft turns words on a page into something that makes you stop dead in your tracks. Technology will come and go. The skill of the craftsman and craftswoman is forever.

Things I like:
Blue Extra chewing gum.
Meeting new people with skills.

Electronic music.
Being presented a killer idea.
Not growing up.
Knowing the ad you just shot is going to smash it.

Things I don’t like:
Half-arsed people.
That feeling of helplessness when you know an ad isn’t going to work out how you wanted and it’s too late to go back.
Aston Villa Football Club.