Fellowship Award 2013

Awarded to Jean-Clement Soret, MPC
Written by
Mark Benson
Global MD, MPC

When we were first made aware of Jean-Clement’s work in 1996, we had never seen imagery quite like it. We knew straight away that JC would bring a rich vein of talent, a different aesthetic, a new  language and an appreciation of fine cuisine to MPC; we did not anticipate the French revolution that followed his arrival to MPC London in February 1997.

JC challenged us. JC pushed us. JC made us think about our world of VFX in new and imaginative ways. JC changed the ways in which MPC collaborated and engaged with Filmmakers.

JC’s passion for creativity was and is intoxicating. JC is a cerebral thinker, a consummate professional and an absolute delight to spend time with. So many of us have benefited from his experience, guidance and expertise, working with different images and scenes that have been shot all over the world.

JC’s charisma and vision has had a memorable and positive impact on us all, and so many of the relationships built around the crafting of spectacular images, have also become wonderful long lasting friendships.

There is so much to admire about JC, perhaps most importantly an everyday commitment to his work that never deviates from being all consuming. JC is an inspiration to us all, and we congratulate him on his award tonight.

Like another notable French export, fine wine; JC just keeps getting better and better.