Alex Mavor

Director, Freelance

It often surprises me that any good ads get made at all.

Alex Mavor is one half of directing duo The Sacred Egg, and has worked with the other half, Ed Kaye, for over a decade now. Matthew Fone at Riff Raff signed them many moons ago after seeing their second ever piece of work - a £2000 music video. Last year they made videos for some of the world's biggest acts like Arcade Fire and Royal Blood.

Also in 2017 they won Best Director of a Campaign at Creative Circle and a Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions for their work on Mailchimp. They spent five months working on the 20th Century Fox biopic of Freddie Mercury Bohemian Rhapsody as Second Unit Director and then returned to advertising this year to make work for Ikea, easyJet and Samsung.

As a result they have just been nominated for Best Director at Shots for the second year in a row.