Tiwirayi Magwenzi

Producer, Freelance

An idea has no heart without the craft. The beauty is in being able to dissect all the details and see the workmanship that gave life to the thought.

Tiwirayi spent the first 7 years of her working life in Buying departments, developing trends for fashion brands, and collaborating with London Fashion Week Designers. Having amassed a sizeable wardrobe of enviable items, a Pandora’s box of accessories and a little black book of fashion connections, a music video producer friend asked her to work as a stylist on a promo. After one 16 hour shoot day, and watching said friend in a role that she still describes to this day as 'Circus Master / Lion Tamer’, she wanted in. 

Cut to two weeks of making Pantone perfect cuppas and being given the privileged position of being Usain Bolt’s runner (he likes Skittles btw) during the 2012 London Olympics campaign for Visa directed by TRAKTOR, Tiwirayi quit her full time fashion career and at the tender age of 29.7 years, started as a runner at Partizan. She’s never looked back.

Since then Tiwirayi has learned her craft working with masters of the industry at Partizan, Rattling Stick, 4Creative and Vice, collaborating with an enviable roster of directors including Ringan Ledwidge, Daniel Kleinman, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet and Michael Gracey, and working alongside Saatchi & Saatchi's, AMVBBDO, Wieden+Kennedy to name few.

Tiwirayi can currently be found producing 360 Integrated campaigns for Netflix on a canal in Amsterdam.

She still loves making the tea.