Suzanne Jandu

Head of 2D, Framestore

The history of creative arts is punctuated by masterpieces that have struck - like an arrow - a perfect balance of idea and craft. We are lucky to be living in a time in which we are saturated with a plethora of visuals and ideas; it is our task to identify and celebrate those that build on their legacy, and push forward the world of digital advertising

Suzanne Jandu is Head of 2D at Framestore, where she utilises her own extensive experience as a Compositing and Look Dev artist to ensure the highest quality 2D outputs across Advertising, Television and Immersive Entertainment. 

As an artist, Suzanne's credentials are wide-ranging and highly lauded. Highlights include her role as Look Dev Artist across the Harry Potter franchise; and as Lead Compositor on the Oscar-winning The Jungle Book with MPC, and both Ready Player One and Jurassic World at ILM. Awards quickly followed, including Emmy and VES nominations for work across both film and advertising.

As Head of 2D, Suzanne works closely with Framestore's Heads of CG and multi-disciplined team of creative directors to manage projects of ever-increasing ambition and production value. Suzanne oversees the shaping of compositing crews, ensuring the optimum teams are in place for Framestore's clients, whilst taking an active role in pipeline development and technical integration, fostering a smooth and fast working environment for the creative studio's 2D artists around the globe.