Susana Mota

Make-up Artist, Freelance

For every brilliant idea coming out of one mind, we must also celebrate one hundred artists bringing it to life.

After studying the Arts and graduating as a Set and Costume Designer in Lisbon, a three-week holiday accidentally turned into a year living in Budapest. There I worked as a body painter and developed my love for character design and story-telling.

In the meantime, I have graduated as a Psychologist and a Post-grad Counsellor, something which has decidedly shaped the direction of my career. It is an honour and a privilege to be part of the advertising industry at a time in history when it strives to better itself and the world with its story-telling, change-driving, far reaching transformative power.

A makeup artist for the past eighteen years and a Londoner for twelve, I have worked across the areas of advertising, film and music videos. I have been gifted numerous opportunities to help some of the most excellent brains in the business bring to life ideas that have sold not only products but aspiration, giving dreams a face.

I have been incredibly lucky to work with some brilliant minds who share my passion for subliminal guerrilla activism and we’ve been sprinkling that stuff everywhere!