Stephen Keith-Roach

Director of Photography, United Agents

The craft of great cinematography is essential to the collaborative process of creating compelling imagery that will attract the attention of the audience. The CRAFT ARROWS recognize and celebrate the wonderful creative skills of our industry.

I was always passionate about cinema and started a film society at my school. Though I was accepted to read History of Art at Manchester University, I surprised my family at the last minute by deciding to go to art school instead. I studied film and photography, then travelled for a year-and-a-half in Africa and worked on sailing boats for a while.

When I finally returned to London, I used the only contact I had to get a job with a production company. I realised that apart from fulfilling my dream of a career in film, it was a great way to be paid to travel. Having finally got a union ticket (ridiculously film was a closed shop then), I started as an AC and soon found myself working on a seven-month film in the Libyan desert and Rome, fulfilling a dream as Lawrence of Arabia was one of my favourite films. After various other films and commercials as an AC I became a DoP. Since then I have worked all over the world, on music videos and commercials picking up various awards along the way for Best Cinematography, a CAD, an MTV award, D&AD, British Arrows in 2014 and 2017, a Cannes Lion, and the British Arrows Fellowship in 2015. I love working and have enjoyed the whole process of transformation from film to digital. It has been a fascinating career and I love the process of working in collaboration with so many diverse and talented people.