Siobhan Murphy

Development Director of Commercials & Branded, Merman

It is so exciting to be a part of this year's British Arrows — nowhere else do you find the bridge between ideas and craft celebrated together under one roof. I feel so honoured to be invited to be a part of something I have admired and respected tremendously over the years. The landscape of the business has completely transformed in recent times, but for me, it poses endless possibilities. There are no rules anymore and we embrace the challenges and ever-evolving landscape.

Siobhan Murphy came up through the ranks of the industry via her passion for music videos, developing and managing young talent through her production company Cops & Robbers. She then moved to Therapy Films alongside industry greats Mark Denton and Malcolm VenviIIe, where she discovered the creative possibilities of advertising while championing new artistry and staying true to authenticity.

As Deputy MD at Moxie Pictures for over six years, she extensively developed their roster in the UK and established relationships with some incredible directors including Ben Wheatley, MJ Delaney and Vaughan ArneII, helping to cement Moxie's place in the industry thanks to her dogged PR approach and expertise.

Siobhan is now at the helm of the newly launched Commercials & Branded side of Merman alongside Dan Dickenson. In less than six months the company has had a huge impact, with campaigns such as Carlsberg’s The Danish Way directed by Peter Lydon. This, coupled with MJ Delaney collaborating with Sharon Horgan on several Iongform projects, showcases the hugely exciting offering that is unique to Merman — and the reason Siobhan joined.