Sean Craigie-Atherton

Company Director, SIREN

The British Arrows is a celebration of work which excels in concept, execution and effectiveness. It’s a privilege to be part of this jury and to honour those who have worked tirelessly to achieve their best.

Growing up, Sean was affectionately referred to at home as the ‘odd child’. While the other boys were playing footy and cricket in the great Aussie outdoors, Sean was very much indoors, watching movie after movie. Realising that he didn't stand a chance against Hitchcock, Sean's father indulged his son's obsession and gave him full access to his rapidly growing VHS collection (that's movies on tapes, kids). As well as Hitchcock’s entire back catalogue, Sean devoured B&W classics, cult horrors, musicals, paranoid thrillers of the 70s and family capers of the 80s. What's so odd about that?

It was actually Bernard Herrmann’s score for Cape Fear which first peaked his interest in film music and its commanding presence; terrifying trombones and dissonant strings will do that to an impressionable young man. But who'd have thought that you could make a career out of it? Well... Sean navigated his way into advertising and, most importantly, music production. And just like that his Dad's investment paid off. Hundreds of hours glued to an embarrassingly low res screen suddenly looked like a smart investment; because if you want to make a career in film music, it helps if you really know and love it. Joining the music production company Adelphoi, Sean's new career in the world of composing to picture had begun.

Fast forward a few hundred scores, some highs, some lows and a few choice awards leads us to where he is today. In 2011 Sean teamed up with Lisette Nice and Anthony Moore to open SIREN with a shared love of music and sound and an ambition to keep the standard unfailingly high.

Starting in a broom cupboard SIREN gradually expanded and is now regarded as one of the industry’s best go-to music producers. Just ask Sean's Dad!