Robert Holmes

Head of 3D, The Mill

Craft is everything – without craft, the mediocre would take over leaving nothing but uninspiring images and unemotional sounds.

We're lucky enough to work in an industry which finds both its creative and financial rewards in the successful manifestation of craft, so we should celebrate it at every opportunity.

Failing to do so, would endorse those who think "it's good enough", and that simply isn't good enough.

Craft is, and always should be, the tenacious pursuit of excellence in every creative endeavor we set our minds to.

Robert Holmes is joint Head of 3D at The Mill’s London Studio, having joined nine years ago in 2008.

As joint Head of 3D, Rob manages a large and dynamic team of 3D Artists and oversees the development of large-scale projects, ensuring the very best team is allocated to each job. 

His most recent creative highlights include work on the Super Bowl 2017 ad for LIFEWTR InspirationDrops, SSE Boiler Rescue, and M&S Christmas with Love from Mrs Claus

Rob has also led and worked on a number of high profile commercials and gaming projects including both Jaguar Never Stop the Journey and The Lab, Axe’s Super Bowl commercial Call to Arms, and British Airways To Fly To Serve.