Reuben Dangoor

Director, Freelance

A good idea meeting a great execution it's the closest thing you are going to get to real magic.

London creative Reuben Dangoor is quickly becoming a household name for his art pieces and illustrations which initially started out on Instagram and instantly got picked up by many artists, celebrities and publications. Reuben soon went on to do his first ever show at Tate Britain showcasing his Legends of the Scene grime artist portraits to a sold out crowd and receiving press coverage from the likes of LA Times, GQ, NME, Fader, Hypebeast and many more. 

In the past two years Reuben has managed to commentate through his work, everything from the rise of UK music to UK politics - including his famous piece of Jeremy Corbyn dabbing, which became the most hashtagged image of Jeremy Corbyn, and used by the Labour Party in their election campaign. This piece was recently part of a political exhibition at The Design Museum. This summer Reuben went viral again with his England World Cup drawings which were shared online by England players, BBC News, Sky News, Copa90 and many more. His originals and prints are highly sought after with all of his releases selling out. 

Reuben Dangoor recently gave a talk at Instagram about his quick rise, and this rise continues to build as Reuben commentates on life events through his art, posting his work online and out in the streets.