Philippa Heywood

Brand Director, MoneySupermarket

The most powerful tenets of advertising are truth, bravery and craft.

With ten years’ FMCG marketing experience, working on classic British brands like Hovis, Imperial Leather and punchy emerging brands like Original Source, I was loaned to Australia for three years to agitate their dish and laundry category. I then moved into digital brands with heavy-weight communications budgets in 2011. 

A spell at Shop Direct cut my teeth on digital retail and sharpened my ad skills, but the real passion-point hit when I began working at MoneySupermarket in 2013. Rarely does anyone get to work for a business with such a genuine, altruistic purpose; our business only makes money if we save the country billions – a phenomenal symbiotic relationship and an exceptionally motivating ambition for someone with an acute conscience. 

Operating in such an aggressive category, with such formidable competition, has helped me see the power of a good idea, and the importance of craft within advertising.  We strive to punctuate hectic three-minute ad breaks with highly memorable and famous creative.  Being brave, obsessively managing risk and fostering a dynamic but trusted relationship with our agencies, makes for a hugely exciting time at MoneySupermarket.