Paul Jordan

ECD, mcgarrybowen

I’m never happier than when crafting a piece of work. Crafting is a small but sweet window of time when a creative person’s OCD tendencies finally become an asset. Anyone can have ideas but few can craft them into something truly special.

Paul started his career as a runner at Blink. He soon became a 2nd then 1st Assistant Director. This was all a massive mistake. Paul never intended to work in production, he wanted to be a creative.

So, almost 20 years ago, Paul started again. He paired up with Angus Macadam and they have been a creative team ever since.

As students, they won Cannes Young Creatives competition which got them hired at DMB&B. Which changed names to D’Arcy. Which merged with Leo Burnett. Here they made some good work and moved to AMV. Here they made some better work and moved to W+K. Here they became Creative Directors. Four years later they left W+K to launch mcgarrybowen in London.

Paul has been joint ECD of mcgarrybowen for the past five years.

Over his career, first as a Creative then CD and ECD, Paul has created work he’s proud of for many iconic clients. Brands like Honda, Guinness, Dft, Nike, the Guardian and Monster. Some of it has won awards and some of it hasn’t. Paul guesses that’s just how it goes.