Nick Crabb

Managing Director, 2AM

It is important to honour both the idea and craft together as quite simply they are not exclusive to each other, they are inherently connected, two parts of a whole. A strong idea without craft is just a strong idea, but with great collaborative craft, that idea can then become something amazing.

Nick is the Managing Director, Executive Producer and now sole Owner of production company 2AM. He joined the company back in 2004 as a freelance Production Manager/Producer, after a sabatical surfing in Australia and after absolutely definitely not wanting to be a permanent producer, the then MD/Owner Amanda Martin (now retired) persuaded him otherwise - most days he’s very glad he was talked round.

He cut his teeth in the business at Rogue in the mid-90s after starting out there as a Runner, but quickly rising through the ranks to in-house Production Manager alongside Messrs David van der Gaag and Arrows Chairman Charlie Crompton. 

2AM’s motto, borrowed from the graphic designer Anthony Burrill, is quite simple “Work Hard & Be Nice To People, and it is something Nick and the company stand by.

Away from the office Nick is a very passionate cyclist, he has done 5 tours of The Fireflies, has just returned from a gravel riding adventure over The Alps and rides to the office everyday come rain, snow or shine - it keeps him sane.

This will be Nick’s first time on the Arrows Jury and he is very much looking forward to being involved.