Michelle Brough

Producer, Wieden+Kennedy

The attention to detail put in to every sound effect, two frame edit change, hundredth script tweak and minute title repositioning, is what turns a great idea into an amazing finished piece. It’s the people who dedicate hours of their day, who have the pride and love for their craft that we are celebrating with these awards and also why they are so deserved.

Michelle started her career in advertising as an Assistant Editor at Marshall Street Editors. After five years learning the importance of craft and attention to detail, she decided to expand her knowledge and take these learnings to put to use over the whole production process.

Freelancing as a Production Assistant at Publicis London and then at Mother London, she found her home at Wieden+Kennedy where she has been for the last 11 years, producing award-winning campaigns for clients including Three, Honda, Finlandia and Nike.