Medb Riordan

Producer, Academy Films

Excellent craft should be nurtured, honed, celebrated and consumed with gusto… like a good whiskey.

Medb (pronounced Dave with an M) first discovered the joy of producing by accident. When studying in Dublin City University, she quickly realized that she was (much to her disappointment) NOT the best graphic designer, sound designer, animator or photographer. However, she realized if you managed to convince the best in each field to come and work with you, brainstorm good ideas, then you could create the best work.

Most of what she learned as a producer was from the most wonderful and brilliant people at Academy Films, where she started as a bright-eyed receptionist. There was a lot of buzz about her arrival, but it turns out that was because they thought she had flown in from exotic Sweden. They finally got over their disappointment and welcomed her with open arms, where she has been working hard and mouthing off ever since.

Despite her obvious set backs (mainly the way she spells her ludicrous name), she worked her way up from reception to the heady heights of producer, which she has been doing for the last 4 years. She has produced for some of the best in the industry – Us, Marcus Söderlund, Frederic Planchon – and has managed to remain in her job, mainly down to the art of hypnotism and good jokes.