Luke Morrison

Head of Colour, ETC

The best work always carries and preserves the idea from inception through to final creation, married together with great craft that understands this idea, adding their own flavour and skill set to it.

Luke Morrison is Head of Colour at Electric Theatre Collective. Over his now decade-plus career Morrison has established himself as a leading creative mind in the world of colour, collaborating with a host of top directors and boasting a diverse portfolio of top brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Beats, Wrigley's and Guinness; and has graded for decorated directors such as Wally Pfister, Pete Riski, Peter Thwaites, Mark Romanek and Ian Pons Jewell. 

Luke began his career at The Mill in London before going on to play a key role in establishing and growing The Mill’s Midwest studio. Morrison has returned to London to pursue fresh creative challenges in his new home at Electric.