Lucy Gossage

Head of Production, Academy Films

Considering todays production challenges, it’s even more important that we take the time to recognise the achievements and impress the value of each-and-every department.  I'm honoured to be part of celebrating craft in all its guises.

In 2001 Lucy forced her way onto the first APA Masterclass where she met Lizie Gower. After graduating top of the class (in one of the modules… sort of…) Lizie recruited her to Academy Films.

Her first job as Producer, at the precocious age of 27, was for the multi-award-winning Vodafone Time Theft directed by Frederic Planchon, for whom she regularly produces. This set the tone for a career rich with creative highlights. She has produced almost all work by Si & Ad and Frederic, as well as award-winning commercials for Martin de Thurah, Walter Stern, Nick Gordon, Kim Gehrig and Seb Edwards.