Kristin Armstrong

Executive Producer

Knowing how to convert an idea into a great piece of work... that's where the real skills lie. Craft requires risk, hard work and restless curiosity.

Kristin discovered the joy of craft and creativity in the early 1990's, when after graduating in the conservative town of Boston, Massachusetts, she moved to Manchester, England. Never before did she know that food and weather could be so bad, yet nightlife could be so creative and so much fun. Before long Kristin was immersed in Manchester's emerging gay scene, promoting legendary club nights at Paradise Factory and Manto. Her love of production and creative people had begun.

She moved to London in the late 1990s and worked in fashion and events production. Out of the blue, she was asked to freelance at a small advertising agency production department and from there she has never looked back. She joined BBH London where she trained as a PA, and was subsequently promoted to Producer, working with some of the best people and brands in the industry.

In 2009, Kristin moved to BBH Singapore as Head of Production. There is only so much humidity one can take, so after two years Kristin returned to London.

Along the way, she has worked in agencies in India and the US, and was Head of Content at Royle Productions, and Havas London.