Kate Taylor

Managing Director, Skunk

A great idea can’t exist in isolation of the craft required to produce it.

Its success lies entirely in the hands of the team employed to bring it to life and whilst the constraints of today’s industry impose more challenges on our ability to turn out exceptionally crafted work, (less time, less money) craft still demands to be at the heart of everything we do.

Thomas Edison, the ultimate ideas man, responsible for everyone’s ‘lightbulb moment’ said it best: “Vision without execution is hallucination.”


Kate Taylor came to advertising following a stint in documentary television. Wanting to change the world after university and film school, she tried investigative documentaries with some industry heavy-weights, only to discover that narrative drama, beautiful photography, visual storytelling and comedy were all more her thing. TV commercial production beckoned.

She cut her teeth as PA/PM at Macleod’s and Rose Hackney, before swiftly moving up to produce for the brilliant, legendary and inimitable Graham Rose, including producing his multi-award winning short film, Mrs. Meitlemeihr.

Over the years (Curly) Kate’s exceptional organisational and communication skills along with her wicked sense of humour have set her in good stead to Produce and Exec Produce for many award-winning directors at a string of London’s most established creative shops; Rattling Stick, Sonny, Outsider, The Sweetshop, Biscuit and RSA, amongst many others.

Now heading up SKUNK London, Kate has signed exciting new talent, worked with impressive global brands and brought significant London exposure to the well-established US roster.