Jonny Parker

Creative Director, VCCP

My partner taught me something about craft. It’s about thinking and caring for every little detail. Like the football in that ad you once made. You know the one with the black hexagonal patches. You know they’re not real footballs, right? They don’t exist in the real world. They’re ad footballs. They only exist in ads. They send him crackers. And quite rightly. They may be ok for most of us. But not him. Now that’s craft.

I reckon I’m at least the fifth best creative to ever come from Doncaster. Maybe fourth at a push.  I’m still not sure how I ended up in advertising. Is anyone?

I’ve worked at VCCP since forever. My previous two agencies no longer exist. Not my fault, I promise.

I’ve worked on loads of big ones - O2, Sky, Easyjet, McLaren, Heinz, Royal London and won a few trophies along the way. Which is nice.

I’m currently creative directing for Cadbury and Amnesty International. Not bad for a Donny lad.