James Sorton

Managing Director & Executive Producer, Pulse Films

An innovative idea without a strong sense of craft supporting it will always fall short. Similarly, craft without an inventive idea will seldom meet its greatest creative potential. To produce a truly great piece of content that stands out, ideas and craft must be synonymous.

As Managing Director and Executive Producer of Pulse Films’ award-winning Commercials and Music Video divisions, James Sorton oversees the studio's output and manages its diverse roster. Sorton joined Pulse in 2012, having spent the previous decade working in production as a Producer and Production Manager. Since then he has led the division's continued growth and helped establish it as a leading global player. Overseeing the studio's award-winning roster, Sorton has a direct hand in attracting and signing established directors and is passionate about developing new talent.

Pulse’s Commercials and Music Video divisions have won international awards at Cannes Lions, British Arrows, D&AD, Ciclope, YDA, UK MVA, Creative Circle and Shots, and has consecutively been named one of the Top Ten Commercial companies by Televisual.