Giles Cheetham

Founding Partner/VFX Supervisor, Electric Theatre Collective

Craft is watching, listening, learning. It's dedication, application and hard graft. It never stops. It's the best feeling ever. If you make stuff that's important to you, it's everything.

Giles has been a Senior Flame Artist and VFX supervisor for 17 years. Prior to setting up Electric Theatre Collective as a founding partner, Giles spent eight years at The Mill in LA and the UK.

He has worked on D&AD, Cannes Lions, BTAA Craft and APA award-winning projects with numerous high-profile directors such as Ringan Ledwidge, Rupert Sanders, Adam Berg, Tim Godsell, Danny Kleinman, Guy Ritchie, Fredrik Bond, Noam Murro, Marcus Söderlund and Sam Brown.

Giles has also been Lead Flame Artist on numerous sports commercials including Nike Next Level, directed by Guy Ritchie, and Sky Sports Time Traveller with Thierry Henry as well as numerous projects for Scott Lyon, such as Honda Karaoke and Seb Edwards' Virgin Media 9.58 seconds.