Eve Coles

Make Up & Hair Designer

I’m honoured to be part of the CRAFT ARROWS jury and to be given the opportunity to acknowledge the fantastic work of my contemporaries. It’s important to recognise that every department whether make-up, costume or camera brings a vital element to the creation of what we do.

After gaining an arts degree it didn’t take Eve long to realise she would rather be painting a walking, talking canvas with a myriad of possibilities, than something that stayed still. 

Trained in hairdressing and media makeup at the prestigious Delamar Academy, she began her career in the collaborative and high-energy world of promos and pop videos. Here Eve was able to expand on her creative talents, working alongside directors to create and bring-to-life a vast array of characters, consequently gaining the opportunity and freedom to generate unique and vibrant looks. This way of working led to the formation of strong relationships that continue to flourish and evolve. 

Naturally this progressed to commercials and Eve is now one of the most sought after hair and make-up artists working in the UK commercials industry. She’s passionate about balancing advertising with scripted drama and shorts, and was honoured to be Make-Up Designer for the Oscar winning short The phone call in 2015 - starring Jim Broadbent and Sally Hawkins. 

She has a varied and worldwide portfolio of directors including Kim Gherig, Tom Kuntz, Stephen Pipe, Ben Liam Jones and Nicolai Fuglsig and has worked on campaigns for brands such as Sport England, Boots, Nike, Sky and MTV.