Ellora Soret

Head of Colour Production, MPC

Ellora originally worked in finance in the City but her heart was in photography and movies. She joined MPC in 2001 and quickly began managing its world class Colour Grading department. She is now a key player at MPC, looking after a team she has built over the years across a unique network of creative studios in London, Paris, NY, LA, and Amsterdam as well as 21 remote grading partners worldwide. Ellora's experience to match talented artists and industry creatives is second to none and her client portfolio is such that there are very few people in Soho that she hasn’t worked with; from production, agency, post production and clients. Over the years she has produced an impresssive range of projects in London and abroad including commercials, TV series, feature films, music videos, art projects – all made by a range of creatives from up-and-coming student talent to Hollywood directors. As well as being an advocate for 35MM film, a look she feels no other format can create, Ellora has a passion for working on beautiful, creative and emotive pieces.