Elise Butt

Editor, Trim Editing

Crafting an idea requires genuine dedication.  Never settling for just ok. You have to persevere until all the details fall perfectly into place, like a big game of Tetris

Elise assisted on both commercials and feature films for a number of years in Sydney, Australia, before making the move to Trim in London in 2013.

Her award-winning credits span music videos to commercials, working with both established and up-and-coming talent. Recent standouts have been the Viva La Vulva campaign for Libresse with Kim Gehrig, and Raine Allen-Miller’s short film Jerk, which featured in the 2018 London Film Festival.

Elise brings a sense of fun and warmth to the edit suite. She is a veracious storyteller, with a versatile style…. she also burps a lot.