Ed Sayers

Director, Straight 8

"Try try try to separate them, it's an illusion... This I tell you, brother. You can't have one without the other." And no-one disagrees with Frank.

I’m a London-based director and the founder of ‘straight 8’: the in-camera-editing super 8 film competition.

I grew up in the production industry, working part time before leaving school, then all the time ever since, in roles from runner to running a production company, producing both in agencies and production companies and now directing. 

My most awarded work to date is in the role of 'Ed of Stuff' for Saatchi London, managing the production of the top British Arrows and Cannes Lions award-winning T-Mobile Dance and Singalong - the events that kickstarted the Life’s for Sharing campaign.

I’ve also been awarded at British Arrows and elsewhere in my role as producer and director on The European Tour golf campaign Every Shot Imaginable, capturing elite golfers trying to hit a gong 200 yards away across a lake, a clay pigeon out of the sky and a barrel of gunpowder on an offshore boat, with a golf ball. These, and other ‘no re-takes films’ that I often make, seem to echo ‘straight 8’. They’re all about risk, and embracing realities whether expected or not. I thrive on pressure and like to keep it real.

I’ve always loved how from one month to the next, in this industry, you never know what you'll be doing or learning about or where you'll be travelling to and with whom - and how the key to it all is to pour everything into every opportunity to make stuff great. Keeping 'straight 8' going all these years keeps me in touch with optimism and the purity of raw effort in creativity, that's not driven by business. It's healthy to have that balance.

My plan is to continue growing up in the industry, continue to try new things and continue to shape-shift as the industry does.