Chris Page

Owner, Jelly

Without craft, creativity becomes pointless and invisible. In this world of wall-to-wall content, the value of craft is paramount.

After stumbling out of art college early with nothing but a craving for chocolate and a large overdraft, Chris had to make his own way into design and production. He initially lurched from job to job within the in-house design studios of several large ad agencies before finally realising he craved a more entrepreneurial role.

Chris was one of the Founding Directors at WCRS’s re-launch of Realtime Studios (later EHS Realtime), helping to quadruple its size, before leaving to set up Three Blind Mice in 1994. TBM is now one of Europe's leading pre-viz and animatic businesses with capabilities in everything from visualising through to high-end 3D visualisation.

In 2002, Chris founded Jelly, one of London's first truly integrated animation and illustration production agencies, representing a collection of the world’s finest creators. Jelly works with renowned Directors, Animators, Illustrators, Lettering Artists and Designers to create content across all media.

In the past five years, Jelly’s talent has not only earned an Academy Award nomination but awards at D&AD, Ciclope, Bass Awards, Grand Laus, AOI and many others.

Jelly and Three Blind Mice’s longevity and continued success are driven by Chris’s passion for image making and design and creativity, which is why he’ll ‘never be rich’ – or so he claims.

Chris is a keen cyclist and an advocate for The Fireflies Tour. 2017 will see him complete his fifth ride for the team, raising money for blood cancer charities.