Charlie Gatsky

Consulting Managing Director, The Firepit

The legend that is John Hegarty both inspired and summed it up for me when he coined the term ‘80% idea, 80% execution’. His maths might have been said to have been questionable, but the recognition of the mutuality of the two disciplines has never lost its poignancy and relevance. For me, I have experienced that whatever the alchemy of ingredients that go into making great work, you can be sure that it has been delivered by a whole team, who are all generous and determined, where respect runs high and guts are plentiful

Post law degree, Charlie’s early career started as a Client before joining WRCS as an Account Director and then Producer at WRCS.

Having worked at some of the industry's leading agencies, she has worked on a plethora of award-winning campaigns with an array of illustrious talent.

Leaving BBH in 2017, where she was both a Managing Partner and Head of Production, she joined The Firepit, the creative studio at Warner Music Group.