Charlene Chandrasekaran

Senior Creative, Droga5

If you don't care about the craft then you're a naughty weasel that needs smoking out of the industry. When you don't care, you've given up and you can always tell when someone doesn't care. They have this 'let's just get it done' attitude and then I can't help but dislike you for the rest of my life. 

Why would you ever want to make something ugly? Unless it's part of the actual idea, then yeah, sure, I love that. But then ... that's also an example of craft. So, no, there is never an ok time to not care about the craft. 

There's a lot of rhetoric I could reel off about its importance, but I feel like if you don't know how important it is already, then for goodness sake don't admit it to your colleagues.

Charlene completed the Watford Ad Course in 2009, where she partnered with her long-suffering copywriter, Dan Morris. Having started their careers at BBH before making the jump to Droga5 London in 2016, they've now been working together for nine years. 

Their experience across a breadth of brands, most notably for St John Ambulance, Axe, Rustlers and Paramount, has had their work recognised at every major award show. 

Charlene hates writing bios.