Camilla Arthur

Casting Director, Camilla Arthur Casting

By celebrating true craft we base the value of our individual contribution on creativity above finance.

As I started my career as a booker at IMG models in 1980, and at present still casting, I have spent my entire working career of 36 years working within an industry that I am passionate about.   The fact that my stepson, Tyrone Lebon, is shooting every major fashion print campaign on the planet, whilst my son (Frank Lebon) aged only just 23 is shooting moving image for everyone, from Stussy to Calvin Klein, only adds to the fact that this is not so much an industry in which I work, as it is a way of life.

Never having actually worked for a Casting Director myself, I still have absolutely no idea what I’m meant to do exactly – but it seems to have worked, so far!

After leaving IMG to run the Female division at Models 1, I started my own photographic agency, representing photographers, stylist’s and hair & make-up artists.  Bored of being an agent I switched to casting in 1993.

In 1994 I was in a taxi heading for NYC’s JFK airport when I received a call from Calvin Klein himself; it turns out he had somehow seen one of my street-casting tapes full of cool, west London kids at my then husband, Mark Lebon’s amazing photographic studio (a converted garage).  We went to great lengths to ‘set the scene’ at all our castings, playing music and creating a relaxed environment; it turns out that Calvin had been so inspired by this tape that he based the entire CKONE campaign on it!

After successfully casting in London for a few years I was given the opportunity to try my hand at directing, at RSA Films London, which was both fun and stressful. Preferring casting I moved to LA until returning to London in 2013.

Twenty years after introducing Calvin Klein to ‘street-casting UK style’ I was booked on Absolutely Fabulous to provide a new casting format I’ve developed called ‘Authentic Casting’, which brings both authenticity & budget savings to a production…