Barney Richard

Executive Producer, Rogue

Craft is reminiscent of our lives in a way… the nuances, the layers, the relationships, the attention to detail and the fly-by-night fun in creating things that we enjoy being a part of; which are, ultimately, the things we are entertained by.

Barney burped himself into advertising around twelve years ago, with absolutely no idea what any of it meant. Fast forward to the present and he still doesn’t - do any of us? But he does appreciate craft, and he always has. He loves the nuances and visuals, the layers and ideas that make a piece of work resonate with you, either on singular or multiple levels. And he also likes writing in the third person.

He started off life at Jelly London, then went on to co-found FRIEND and like a rainbow crab does, caught a mono-rail to Riff Raff Films where he was Partner and EP. He’s worked in illustration, animation, mixed media and live-action environments (all the major life environments). He now resides at Rogue films as Exec Producer, where he’s kept in a shiny tangerine prism that floats above the floor, at around about two centimetres – or maybe just a little bit more; no one’s really bothered measuring, it’s just easier to round up the numbers isn’t it?