Abi Leland

Company Director, Leland Music

An exceptional idea is only truly realised if there’s exceptional craft behind its execution. The British Arrows recognises this and celebrates the experience and creativity contributed by each-and-every element of the production.

Abi is the founder and managing director of Leland Music and Leland Originals. A true entrepreneur, she embarked on her mission to become a Music Supervisor at the age of 19, having already worked within both the film and music industries. Keen to find her niche, she began by grilling film composers and knocking on the doors of Soho film production companies. Her persistence and instinct paid off, and just a few years later she had established herself as one of the UK’s leading feature film music supervisors, working with film directors such as Kevin Macdonald on Touching The Void and The Last King of Scotland.

In 2005 Abi founded Leland Music, expanding the scope of her mission to include commercials and brands. The early years were spent establishing the company by working on celebrated campaigns for Sony, Nike, and Honda. She has supervised every John Lewis Christmas campaign since 2010, with the music being a key factor in the huge public anticipation of the annual launch.

Fast forward to today and Abi has built a unique and highly esteemed team, working closely with the world’s most successful brands, ad agencies and filmmakers. Recent credits include Paralympics We’re The Superhumans, H&M Come Together, and Netflix/E4 TV series Crazyhead.