Instagram, Instagram Stories, A day on planet Stories, made for Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam by Caviar, directed by Dent De Cuir


Digital Services
  • Advertising Agency
    Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
  • Executive Creative Directors
    Eric Quennoy and Mark Bernath
  • Creative Directors
    Cal Al-Jorani and Thierry Albert
  • Art Director
    Cecilia Pignocchi
  • Copywriter
    Andrew Duncan
  • Creatives
    Cal Al-Jorani and Thierry Albert
  • Agency Producers
    Soey Lim, Stijn Wikkerink and Cory Chonko
  • Production Company
  • Producer
    Patrick Craig
  • Production Designer
    Olly Hogan
  • Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics
    Niki Henry
  • Costume Wardrobe
    Taff Williamson
  • Director / Cinematographer
    Dent De Cuir
  • Editing Company
    Whitehouse Post
  • Editor
    James Forbes-Robertson
  • Edit Assistant
    Andre Rodrigues
  • Post Production Company
    Glassworks Amsterdam
  • Lead 2D Artist / VFX Supervisor
    Ariella Amrami
  • Lead 3D Artists
    Alex Pattinson, Adrien Servadio, Hugo Rodriguez and Alexis da Camara
  • Audio Company
  • Sound Designer
    Ben Gulvin
  • Music Supervision
    Menlo Park Music